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Archive Page 2001 - Spiderman, Catwoman, Petreski, Tony DeZuniga

Archive Page 2002 - Julie Newmar, Superhero Underwear, Darth Throne of Game, State by state guide to favorite comic superheroes Archive Page 2003 - Superhero potty training, Marvel Movie Billions, Neal, Shaft

Archive Page 2004 - Bruce Campbell, Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, Disney, Spider-Man departs Marvel's MCU

Ice Cream Super Heroes

Archive Page 2005 - Joker, Robert Downey, Ice Cream of the Superheroes, Spider-Man, Todd Phillips, Creating comic books for the blind

Archive Page 2006 - Ghost Leather and Duckhead, Disney the plucky underdog, Batman blowup soft drink, Michael Uslan

Archive Page 2007 - All-female Marvel Movie, 500 horsepower Bat-Mobile, Oscar talk Joker

Archive Page 2008 - Spider-Man, Tintin, Stan Lee, British comics history in danger of loss, Spider-Man returning to the Marvel MCU onscreen

Archive Page 2009 - George Miller, Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, Batman dead again - Almost, George Miller weighs in on the superhero wars, Whiz Comics

Archive Page 2010 - Lewis Wilson Batman, Boba Fett, Star Wars Rise of Skywalker, He-Man, Martin Scorsese

Archive Page 2011 - Zoe Kravitz, Star Wars Rise of Skywalker, Digital Comics, Todd Phillips

Archive Page 2012 - Justice League Snyder Cut, Yellow Kid, Boom Studios, No Spielberg for Indiana 5, Lynda Carter

Archive Page 2013 - New Batman car is a recognizeable contemporary automobile, Coronavirus, Dracula for remake, Birds of Prey

Archive Page 2014 - Marvel delaying everything, schedules closing down from Covid-19, DCBS Comics, Michael Giacchino, Flash movie

Archive 2015 - Spiderman roams Scotland, new techniques comic book shops are using to reach customers

Archive 2016 - The health risks comic book artists experience, and the Pandemic, Quentin Tarantino

Archive 2017 - Todd McFarlane: We can't just sit here and do nothing, Emmanuelle Chriqui will be Lana Lang

Archive 2018 - New DC Comics distributor, Alicia Silverstone Batgirl

Archive 2019 - DC Comics digital products, Harley Quinn tartan, all the Catwomen

Archive Page 2020 - DC vs Geppi, Marvel substitutes new art for missing art in Marvel Masterworks

Archive Page 2021 - Marvel designed covid19 masks, Why Marvel chose Iron Man for the first MCU movie

Archive Page 2022 - Apologies to the cast of Avengers, DC Comics movies list

Archive Page 2023 - New Mutants, Akiva Goldsman, Comicon San Diego

Archive Page 2024 - Comic book stores vs Covid, Batfleck, Harley Quinn cancelled

Archive Page 2025 - DC launches digital only Batman web comic, Will Affleck be turning his hand back to his incomplete Batman script?

Archive Page 2026 - Newsarama is now gone, the new Batmobile unvieled, and is Superman the Hulk?

Archive Page 2027 - Denny O'Neil has died, San Diego virtual con, DC Daily news is kaput, Donald Duck makes his screen debut, Film productions about to restart?

Archive Page 2028 - Anniversary for Batman Begins, Iron Man to reboot, Black Panther suit designs

Archive Page 2029 - Anniversary for Batman Begins, Iron Man to reboot

Archive Page 2030 - Anniversary for Batman Begins, Iron Man to reboot, Director Joel Shumacher has died, Adrianne Palacki - Wonder Woman

Archive Page 2031 - Lynda Carter, Margo Robbie Batman Pirate, Michael Keaton

Archive Page 2032 - Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman, Bat-mania as a mental disorder

Archive Page 2033 - Marvel now has the Predator and Alien series, Tom Holland Spidey movies counted to six, ten cancelled DC Comics

Archive Page 2034 - Pandemic about to kill Miami comic book store, then Batman arrives, Pandemic in Miami and comic book store, Diamond vs the new Comic Book Distributors, Power Rangers expands at Boom

Archive Page 2035 - New Batman suit premieres in Joker War, Spidey 3D, The Shadow, Dark Knight Rises, Spiderman 3

Archive Page 2036 - The funny Bat-suit, Terminator and Ulta-Man, and Virtual Comicon 2020

Archive Page 2037 - Spidery Woman, Ghost Rider, Zack Snyder burns Joss Whedon

Batzman Alfrid

Archive Page 2038 - Iron Man III and its issues, Black Widow and Scarlett Johansson, Gal Gadot

Scarlett Johansson

Archive Page 2039 - Smallville, Kraven The Hunter, Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, How many titles at DC Comics are losing money?

Messtro and the Hukk

Archive Page 2040 - Wonder Woman Chainsaw, Thing reboot, The Hulk

Archive Page 2041 - Pattinson Batman, Chadwick Boseman, Charlie Hebdo humor magazine, BRZRKR comic at kickstarter

Archive Page 2042 - Black Panther, no more Iron Man from Robert Downey Jr, and Vampire Superhero Investigator

Archive Page 2043 - Archie title stops publication, Abba Super Suits, Marvel doesn't need no fandome

Archive Page 2044 - Wonder Woman 84, Changes galore at DC, Joaquin Phoenix for more Joker movies

Archive Page 2045 - Adam West Birthday, Batman Day, She Hulk, Henry Cavill

Archive Page 2046 - Luke Skywalker, Darth, Nicolas Cage, and Spock Star Trek

Archive Page 2047 - Stan Lee, Darth Vader eye strain, BRZRKR, Nick Fury, Archie Comics

Archive Page 2048 - One million superhero movies are piling up to be released, Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves BRZRKR, Shazom 2, Godzilla

Archive Page 2049 - Wonder Woman 1984 to streaming, Moebius The Incal, Pattinson Batman fights with his director, Alan Moore

Archive Page 2050 - Gal Gadot Cleopatra, The Bat-Duck is for sale, Warner Bros layoffs, Ryan Ottley

Archive Page 2051 - New Spider-Man design, Shazam 2, Million dollar Punisher art, Trina Robbins searches for stolen art

Archive Page 2052 - Batman Forever Shumacher Cut, Nirvana Batman, Spider-Man 3, new Captain America

Archive Page 2053 - Mahershala Ali is Blade, Superhero Multiverse Trope, Brandon Routh Superman

Defective Comics 27 1939 featuring BATZMAN

Archive Page 2054 - John Buscema artwork stolen, Greatest Comic Book Artists of All Time, Million-dollar Detective Comics #27

Archive Page 2055 - Vandalized Robin the Boy Wonder suit, Wonder Woman sequel headed for HBO Max, Ben Affleck

Alan Dean Foster Thumbnail

Archive Page 2056 - Will Smith, Live-action Spiderverse, Fincher against The Joker, Alan Dean Foster in fight with Disney

Archive Page 2057 - $30,000 Bat-Clock, Aaron Eckhart, Flashpoint Movie

Archive Page 2058 - Disney and Marvel financial future, Wired Magazine thinks pirating is a good thing, How the gaming and comic book industry responded to the pandemic

Batman Break Box Office

Archive Page 2059 - The Batman production could make records, Dolly Parton, Reality check on that HBO deal

Archive Page 2060 - Wonder Woman eats Taco Bell for the first time, Harley Christmas, Sinister Six or Seven, Patty Jenkins

Archive Page 2061 - Walter Hamada head of the DCU, trouble on the Batman movie set, Kamala Khan coming

Archive Page 2062 - Pattinson Batman, Heavy Metal Batman blackety-black, is Frank Castle cancelled?

Archive Page 2063 - Demon Slayer massive sales, Mint copy of Batman #1 goes for $2,220,000 million, Tintin original art

Archive Page 2064 - Steve Lightle has died, Tom Holland now shooting Spider-Man 3, Batman/Scooby Doo comic book

Archive Page 2065 - King Kong vs Godzilla, the Batman-Biden link, Spider-Man III is going to be a Ho-Ho-Ho movie

Archive Page 2066 - Multiverse streaming wars, Black Widow Johansson, George Clooney bad Batman movie endless stories, new addition

Archive Page 2067 - Captain Marvel 2, Snyder cut Justice League, Delayed 2020 films

Archive Page 2068 - Superman

Archive Page 2069 - Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman, Graphic novel sales have increased 100%, Batwing '89 Lego, Batman Future State

Archive Page 2070 - Superheroes lead sales increases, Spawn titles spawn more titles, Jim Sokolowski, Gina Carano, HBO Max

Archive Page 2071 - Frog Brothers and Batman #14, Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern, solo Wandavision movie

Archive Page 2072 – Ta-Nehisi Coastes Superman, Superman that was, Linearverse at DC, Roy Thomas defends Stan Lee

Archive Page 2073 – Vladimir Nabokov Superman, Cancelled Comics Cavalcade, Batman #106, Stan Lee biography

Archive Page 2074 – BRZRKR, Japan's comic book market, Kevin Feige discusses Captain America shield

Archive Page 2075 – Defending Zack Snyder, graphic novel sales, Batman and Avengers, unload your comic book collection

Archive Page 2076 - Jack Burton, Superman ripp-offs, Deathstroke, Justice League Snyder Cut, The new Captain America

Archive Page 2077 - William Shatner, Venom II, Pettibon, Joss Whedon, Tim Burton Batmobile

Archive Page 2078 - Superman the worst franchise, NFT Art Sales, Black Widow, Earth-2 Batman, Everything is omniverse at DC

Archive Page 2079 - Keaton is Batman again - officially, Batman #1 goes for #1.2 million, Alex Ross NFT, Tom DeFalco

Archive Page 2080 - Flash Gordon, racism, The Falcon, Batman Number 1, Iron Man Billboard

Archive Page 2081 - Big plans for Captain Marvel, Batmobile, Joss Whedon, Artist John Paul Leon, Demon Slayer, Danny Elfman

Archive Page 2082 - DC Universe Infinite, Batman #108, Stan Lee to Mark Millar, extended cut of Batman Forever

Archive Page 2083 - Batman ststus, Archie anniversary, Sasha Calle, Supergirl, Scarlett Johansson

Archive Page 2084 - Worlds biggest comic book, Incredible Hulk, Demon Slayer and Zack Snyder

Archive Page 2085 - Spawn Universe, Clooney, Joker 2, Matrix IV, Aquaman 2, Speed Racer, Kevin Feige killed?

Archive Page 2086 - Promise Collection, Pattinson Batman, Spider-Man 4, NFT buying frenzy

Archive Page 2087 - Streaming number fudging, Shock SuspenStories Wally Wood, Hiddleston Loki

Archive Page 2088 - Naya Rivera, Sal Buscema, Batman-theme restaurant in Soho, Beano, Rocketeer, Chicago Comic Art museum exhibits

Archive Page 2089 - Gal Gadot, NFT art sales, Black Widow,X-Men #1 goes for $800K+

Archive Page 2090 - She Hulk, Pattinson Batman, Nubia, Collectible Pulps

Archive Page 2091 - The Hammer of Freedom, SDCC Comicon , Adam West, Comicon, Batwoman Season 3

Archive Page 2092 - Margot Robbie, Manga growth, Blade reboot , Michael Keaton, Kickstarter comic book titles are growing funding numbers to new records

Archive Page 2093 - John Romita Jr, Scarlett Johansson and Disney, Frank Miller, the Marvels, Miles Morales, Batman in Glasgow

Archive Page 2094 - Indy black comic book makers, Giant baseball team Marvel comic, Tip jars of Marvel vs. DC

Archive Page 2095 - Arpil (not April) Teenage Mutant Ninja misspelled words, Pattinson Detective Comics, Affleck for more Batman?, Scarlett Johansson vs the Mouse

Archive Page 2096 - Mark Waid, King Spawn, Black Widow, Maervel pays $5000 for billion dollar, DC Comics end?

Archive Page 2097 - ShortBox, WEBtoon, Wash Tubbs, Joe Quinones

Archive Page 2098 - Daredevil cancelled, Letitia Wrigh, Tony Stark, Substack and sleeping schedules, Walter Mosely, Facebook anti-trust

Archive Page 2099 - Nottingham comicon, expiring copyright on Mickey Mouse, Batman-Day, Pulp Empire

Archive Page 2100 - Scary Batman movie, Shang-Chi, Stamps of superheroes, the Ninth Art

Archive Page 2101 – No more NFT sales for now, Amazing Fantasy #15 goes for $3.6 million, Nicolas Cage copy of Action Comics #1?, Wolverine hair horns new fashion trend

Archive Page 2102 – Batman goes to Prague, George Reeves, Ernie Colan nine-eleven, Reality check on the recent Superhero Movies

Archive Page 2103 – Hobbit 1964, Miss Fury, Decline of American Comic Books, Shang-Chi, Bendis Batman, Kim Kardashian

Archive Page 2104 – Serena Williams, Sinister Six, Netflix, international Batman stories

Archive Page 2105 – Chris Pratt, Disney and Scarlett Johansson settle, Venom II, Uffizi Museum features comic book art portraits, origin of the Venom logo

Archive Page 2106 – Chuck Dixon, Paper shortage comic book paper, William Shatner, Empire Comics Vault

Archive Page 2107 – Bill Watterson, horror comics, Superman, Why make a Batman movie?, Eternals

Archive Page 2108 – Comic Book Sales Numbers, In praise of Drawn and Quarterly, Batzman

Archive Page 2108 – Comic Book Sales Numbers, In praise of Drawn and Quarterly, Batzman

Archive Page 2109 – Kristen Stewart as Joker, retconning Bane, Kevin Feige vs the Russo Brothers, Stan Lee comic book covers

Archive Page 2110 – Jeremy Dauber, Halle Berry, Scout Comics, Comicon Museum opens, Disney+ Day

Archive Page 2111 – Jeremy Dauber, Halle Berry, Scout Comics, Comicon Museum opens, Disney+ Day, Ransomware

Archive Page 2112 – Lynda Carter, Eternals, Alan Moore, Tunnels, 2004 Batman Animated, Frank Sinatra, Jeremy Irons

Archive Page 2113 – Hawkeye, Dark Horse Comics, Mike Mignola, Joe Giella, Tom Holland in talks, Spider-Man

Archive Page 2114 – Spider-Man is ruining cinema, Batman, Stan Lee NFT, Alex Ross, Keiko Nobumoto, Spider-Man NFT, Tyrant Superman

Archive Page 2115 – Spider-Man milestones, Alex Ross, Sy Barry artist for Phantom, top earning films of 2021, Korean Webtoons

Archive Page 2116 – Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, Legion of superheroes, Tom Holland, Morbius, Stan Lee

Archive Page 2117 – Agent of Shield fans, Cerebus, Captain America, Batman 3 with Michael Keaton, Ten small Press Comic Books

Archive Page 2118 – Wonder Woman 84, Eternals, Dan Clowes comic book collection, Ben Affleck, James Gunn

Archive Page 2119 – Batgirl costume, Shonen Jump, Pattinson, Justice U, George Perez, Black Panther II

Archive Page 2120 – Superman tanking, Spider-Man money, Rocketeer, Pulp Empire, King Kong, Batman and the Joker in Missouri

Archive Page 2121 – Todd McFarlane the scorched, Spiegelman's Maus, Evangeline Lilly, comic book business of the 1940s

Archive Page 2122 – Image Comics and Tom DeFalco, digital comics, Shonen Jump, Maus sales up

Archive Page 2123 – Wonder Woman copyright fight, DC Comics merger, Newcastle auction Comic books, Cad Bane

Archive Page 2124 – Ukraine refugees, Grant Morrison, best batmobile, Artist Steve Dillon, you ever wanted to own a hobbit?

Archive Page 2125 – Abu Dhabi comic book studio, DC Comics days are numbered, HBO Max, Steranko Exhibit, the bountiful big bucks of Batman

Archive Page 2126 – Falcon Winter Soldier Censorship, Garry Leach has died, Marvel Comics #1 sells for $2.4 million, Batmans Jewish Connection

Archive Page 2127 – Morbius movie falters on bad reviews, Ezra Miller arrest, The Batman movie budget, Blade III revival

Archive Page 2128 – Fantastic Four sale, Are comic books also books?, Bill Sienkiewicz at the New Dunn Museum, Manchester Batcave, Superman game for Unreal 5

Archive Page 2129 – Alan Moore, Garry Leach Tribute

Archive Page 2130 – Neal Adams has died, Spider-Man past and future, Moon Knight, George Perez, Retro Boom of Adults buying comic books

Archive Page 2131 – Rob Liefeld, CW staying in the superhero business, Dark Knight Returns original cover art, Conan no more at Marvel

Archive Page 2132 – Ms Marvel Charm, Comic book festivals, Ezra Miller, Weird Al Yankovic, Riverdale, David Fraught, Tim Burton, Pikachu

Archive Page 2133 – New Penguin Marvel collection books, Tim Sale has died, Lou Ferrigno, graphic novel sales

Archive Page 2134 – TV Show Hulk Ferrigno, Hellboy into the Metaverse, New Thor movie, New Penguin Marvel collection books, Frank Miller

Archive Page 2135 – Kang Dynasty, Ms. Marvel’s Abysmal Viewership, $25 million gauntlet, how Marvel gets their CGI done, Eric July

Archive Page 2136 – Foreign Language in Comics, Days of Our Lives, Techcrunch, buying a Batmobile hits a snag

Archive Page 2141 – The Jetsons and Virginia Postrel, Michael Keaton, Lego Star Wars, San Diego Comic-Con, Calvin and Hobbes

Archive Page 2142 – Haus of Secrets, Charlie Brown Anniversary, Bullet Train, Running DC Comics Movies, Joker: Folie à Deux

Archive Page 2143 – Joe Quesada, Hernandez Bros, comics and fascism, Ben Affleck Batman Rolex, Galactus

Archive Page 2144 –Banning books, Starhenge, Love and Rockets, Alan Moore and his mainstream greatness, Disney plagiarizing accusations

Archive Page 2145 – Gargolyes, Chainsaw Man Manga Sales Record, James Cameron, Pre-Comics-Code horror Comics Auction, Dwayne Johnson, Keya Morgan, The Return of the Henry Cavill Superman

Archive Page 2146 – James Gunn, Wakanda Forever, William Shatner Arrowverse, DC movie slate, Review Black Adam, Deadpool, Riddler, R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned

Archive Page 2147 – Oscar push for The Batman, Carlos Pacheco, Black Panther Wakanda Forever, Chadwick Boseman, Justice Society, Hulk comic auctions for $146,000

Archive Page 2148 – Namor, Eminem and Spider-Man, Bob Iger, Chainsaw Man makes record, Funky Winkerbean, Phase 4 MCU, Star Trek Gold Key comic sells for $46K, Wakanda Forever

Archive Page 2150 – Namor, Eminem and Spider-Man, Bob Iger, Chainsaw Man makes record, Funky Winkerbean, Phase 4 MCU, Star Trek Gold Key comic sells for $46K, Wakanda Forever, Pattinson Batman

Archive Page 2150 – Henry Cavill, Warhammer, India comic books, Black Panther, Michael Keaton, Valuable Batman Comic Books, £4,000 each comic books

Archive Page 2151 – Elseworlds DC movie projects, Indy comics publishers facing financial trouble, original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie

Archive Page 2152 – Avatar II billions, Storm King Comics, Jim Starlin and Dreadstar, She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany, Art Spiegelman

Archive Page 2153 – James Pearson, Here come the AI comic books, DC Confirms Batman's Superpower, Angela Bassett

Archive Page 2154 – Mike Doran, Tintin original art auction, James Gunn maps out the DC Films future, behind-the-scenes at MCU/Disney film-making

Archive Page 2155 – The oversaturation of Superhero properties , Tom Cruise and Spielberg, Japanese basketball comic book series Slam Dunk

Archive Page 2158 – ComicsPRO 2023, Creed III, Jonathan Majors, To Cape or not to Cape, trilogies

Archive Page 2159 – Terrible Sales for the Terrible Two, Spider-Man so popular around the world, Quantumphobia, nope Henry Cavill not coming back to the DCU

Archive Page 2160 –DC Comics layoffs, Robert Downey Jr, Blue Beetle Movie director in controversy, Joe Giella has died

Archive Page 2163 – Flash Nuts trailer, Viz introduces Manga App, Iron Man III

Archive Page 2171 – Christopher Nolan and superhero movies, Moon Knight, Mickey Rat, Watchmen, Barry Diller, Disney Plus Quality

Archive Page 2186 – Rob Liefeld Captain America Heroes Reborn, Calvin and Hobbes, Jessica Lange blames Comic Book Movies for Hollywood lack of artistry, Batman No Kill Rule

Archive Page 2190 – Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Bob Iger supervision, Conan the Barbarian - Colossal Edition, William Stout

Archive Page 2198 – Dakota Johnson, Batman Azteca, Conan

Archive Page 2201 – Crook steals coloring books and some free comics, Zack Snyder, Ramona Fradon, Rock band Rush, Madame Web

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