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December 17, 2021

Big hopes riding on the new Spider-Man movie

Plenty of Hollywoodian voices are hoping it can save the year after mostly dismal box office and point toward a revived industry in 2022.

"‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Swinging To 3rd Best Domestic Opening Ever With $253M+ Overtaking ‘Force Awakens’; Is ‘Infinity War’ Next?"Deadline Hollywood

"Box Office: ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Swinging to Massive $240 Million-Plus Debut After Record-Breaking Opening Day"Variety

"‘Spider-Man’ leaps to second-highest opening in box office history – film trails only “Avengers: Endgame” in first-day North American ticket sales "Tampa Bay Times

"Weekend predictions: Spider-Man eyes $150-million weekend"The Numbers


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All the Spider-Man movies rankedAV Club

They say that 2012 The Amazing Spider-Man is the worst; 2004 Spider-Man 2 is the best. As Vizzini said "inconceivable!"

Spider-Man No Way Home has "shattering" preview start with $50 million dollar box office– Variety

Could have $150 million dollar weekendtheNumbers

Spider-Man is "ruining cinema" and stop liking it right now says movie critic

Editorial at UK Independent via Fark

More record breaking for Spider-Man No Way Home

2021 has been a rocky year at the box office, but it is all set to end on a high note. Despite the disappointing returns of the last two weekends, which were the lowest grossing since September, the next two weekends may very well become the year’s biggest. Leading the charge and gearing to break pandemic-era box office records is Sony’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, swinging into theaters in the prime pre-Christmas slot.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the eighth live-action Spider-Man film and the third film in this MCU connected series (all directed by Jon Watts thus far) which stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker, Zendaya as MJ, and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May in addition to a slew of MCU characters who show up. This installment ups the ante even more, with a spell from Dr. Strange that goes wrong and opens up a portal to other Spider-verses.

Story at Box Office Mojo

Spider-Man No Way Home makes record at FandangoComicbook

Spider-Man: No Way Home has broken the Thursday night box office record for 2021 according to Fandango. This would mark the best movie performance that day since Avengers: Endgame. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was the previous record holder...

Empire Magazine has "exclusive" new Batman and Catwoman movie coversEmpire

Amazon Rush Comic Book

America demands answers: is Batman Returns a Christmas Movie?Den of Geek

Could it be time to invest in Superman and Spider-Man comic books asks Marketwatch. With a headline like that you already know the answer.

When Mark Michaelson purchased what he considered the holy grail of comic books — Superman No. 1, dating from 1939 — he wasn’t thinking about it as an investment. Instead, the comics fan says he bought it from a private collector in 1979 for somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000 simply because he wanted it...

Michaelson’s goal is now likely to result in a huge payoff. The comic is currently up for auction and is already receiving bids above $2 million...

November's biggest domestic comic book sales listSneakpeek

Venom#1 leads the list

Stan Lee's "Chakra" gets an NFT Deadline

More NFT stuff

Coming graphic novel schedule for 2000 ADImpulsegamer

Expectations that Spider-Man Now Way Home will be the biggest film of 2021Hilltop Online

Alex Ross has written and drawn a Fantastic Four graphic novel Comicbook

You can buy tickets for 2022 Comicon in Abu Dhabi nowKhaleej Times

Writer Ann Rice has diedHollywood Reporter

"Grant Morrison is as sick of Tyrant Superman as you are"Gizmodo

Keiko Nobumoto dies

The ongoing relevance of each project Nobumoto worked on is due in part to the thoughtfulness and humanistic viewpoint she brought to her characters. In writing up this post, I’ve found myself floored by just how many great anime she’s had a hand in crafting. Many of them, like Cowboy Bebop and Carole and Tuesday, are series I hold near and dear to my heart and regard as the zenith of writing in the medium..."

She was the writer For Cowboy Bebop, Tokyo Godfathers and Macross Plus and creator of Wolf's Rain Kotaku

How Movies and TV fuel comic book salesCSBJ

Rent-A-Girlfriend hits ten million copies soldBounding into Comics

High prices on 80s comic books coming to auctionsBig News

Steve Geppi is getting into NFTsBizjournals

George Perez fighting cancer

Marvel and DC legend George Perez says he has less than a year to live. Acclaimed comics artist shares the sad news that he has inoperable pancreatic cancer.

Story at CNET

More at:



New York Daily News

Games Radar

Charlie Cox is the once and future DaredevilAV Club

"If you were to see Daredevil in upcoming things, Charlie Cox, yes, would be the actor playing Daredevil," [Kevin Feige] said. "Where we see that, how we see that, when we see that, remains to be seen." Cox played Matt Murdock in the Netflix series Daredevil from 2015 to 2018, when the show was canceled. Netflix ultimately pulled the plug on all its Marvel shows, and Marvel decided to produce its own series directly for Disney+. The Daredevil rights reverted back to Marvel from Netflix at the end of 2020.

Comic book movies dominate and how that's terrible

Essay at Self Styled Siren that starts off with "Marty was right" referring to filmmaker Martin Scorsese saying that superhero movies are more like theme parks than actual films.

The writer especially goes after the equivocation argument that the superhero phenomenon is a repeat of the Western cowboy movie phenomenon:

"So many westerns! There aren’t nearly as many superhero movies as there used to be westerns."

The first time I saw and hated that argument was at least seven years ago, and it keeps coming back, like a villain who only seemed to die in the last act of the third sequel. The Atlantic, for instance, came up with a chart that purports to show a teeny-weeny percentage of superhero movies sitting daintily below a solid wall of decades of westerns. Then there’s the Washington Post’s 2017 article "Five Myths About Hollywood," which asks rhetorically, "Think seven superhero movies in 2017 is overkill? Imagine living in 1957, when studios released a staggering 61 westerns."
Yes indeed, there used to be a lot of westerns. However, all those happy refrains of " 'Twas ever thus! No problem here!" sidestep some crucial information.

The main thing that makes this attack on comic book movies different is that it features a survey of "top ten" movies over many, many decades, and this shows, in numerical fashion, the corrosion and retreat of "adult fare" from the popular consciousness, which, whatever your feelings about superhero movies, isn't a good sign for a business supposedly meant to attract dollars from every possible audience group.

Story at Self Styled Siren Substack

Netflix is now producing more movies than anyone else in HollywoodBloomberg

Redesigning Spider-Man Villains – story at SYFY

New book "Black Representation in the World of Animation" by Darius S. Gainer

An imprint of San Diego State University Press, Amatl’s mission, or at least one of them, is to take a scholarly approach to important issues — such as BIPOC representation in the fields of comics books, comic strips and animation — and present it as a well-researched, well-sourced “graphic narrative” that is entertaining to the reader. That is, rather than releasing them as straightforward books that rely solely on text, they include photos and illustrations of what the author is discussing.

Article at San Diego Union Tribune

Spider-Man NFT offered with ticket sales for No Way Home

Apparently some fans "hate it" – Cheatsheet

More NFT News

First time Abilene Comic Con beginsYahoo News

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