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Batman Black and White
Harley Quinn Comic Book Store Display Case

January 1, 2020

Joker and Harley Quinn Ice Cream

August 2019

Doc Strange Figures in show case at Barnes and Noble

Chandu the Magician, I mean Doc Strange Figures in show case at Barnes and Noble


Archie Jumbo Comics

Dec 9, 2018 – More Archie

First, they killed his shirt

Death of Supers

November 2018

Frankenstein can't wait to be a Mom

Frankenstein Can't wait to be a mom

Oct 2018

Iron Hay

Iron hay

Wegman's Grocery Store

The Tashen Marvel Comics Book Library

Tony Stark Wine Sale

This is not a good combination

Tony Stark Wine Sale

May 2018


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

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Comic Book Rack Feb 3, 2012 - Barnes and Noble

Amazon Rush Comic Book

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Verdusa Spider Tee

Verdusa Spider Tee – Amazon

Page Jan 3, 2020