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January 17, 2023


The finale for the Arrowverse (and Flash) on TVMSN Inverse

James Cameron takes a shot at Marvel moviesBounding into Comics

...People forget to put beauty into a film. There’s a lot of snark, there’s a lot of sarcasm, there’s a lot of cutesy jokes in movies."

His undefined criticism could be applied to a number different films, not just Marvel, and does he even mean Marvel?.

Europe Comics shutting down part of operations – Details at Comics Beat

Avatar II keeps piling up the box office fundsDeadline Hollywood via

Robbery at Brantford Canada Comic Book Store carries off $24K comic amid $75K heist

Story at LF Press

A copy of Fantastic Four #1 was taken

Alley Oop cartoonist Jack Bender has died

Jan 15, 2023: Story at WCF Courier

Bender, a Waterloo native who gained national prominence for drawing and inking the beloved time-traveling caveman comic strip Alley Oop, died Jan. 5 in Tulsa, Okla., from complications of dementia.He was 91.

Ezra Miller gets deal to stay out of jailBounding into Comics

Avatar II getting close to $2 billion box officeVariety

Before the pandemic, this kind of result for a Cameron movie wouldn't have surprised everybody, but post-pandemic (if that's where we truly are) this result is reassuring a lot of nervous movie people that there's still money out there to be had for mega-films that are not Marvel. Avatar: The Way of Water making this sort of money and Tom Cruise going to $1.5 billion with Top Gun Maverick last year cements the idea that there are things that will get ticket-buyers into seats en masse.

Avatar: The Way of WaterBox Office Mojo $1,749,253,993 worldwide

In relation to where screen-watching eyes reside: 2022 saw 600 Scripted TV Shows "Peak TV"Hollywood Reporter

Publishers Weekly's fifteen top read comic book business stories of 2022Publishers Weekly

Some of the stories:

  1. Manga is Booming
  2. ‘Heavy Metal’ Gets Its Mojo Back
  3. Black Sands Gets $500K 'Shark Tank' Offer From Kevin Hart
  4. Windsor-Smith’s ‘Monsters’ Wins 2022 Eisner for Best New Graphic Novel

Sandy King's success with Storm King ComicsVariety was ten years ago and they were pretty hostile to what they thought were celebrity comics and vanity comics. The comic companies themselves thought that we were all just stupid."

Website for

These kinds of stories pop up too often "Beloved Yonkers comic book store announces closure after decade in business"News 12 New Jersey

Jim Starlin's Dreadstar series getting revivedComicbook

New publisher Monkey Wrench Press is doing the graphic novel Dreadstar vs. the Inevitable. Jim Starlin is famed as creator of the Thanos and Infinity Gauntlet storyline at Marvel, besides a long career in comic books.

The Manga and Comic Section at Walmart January 2023

Superhero movies sliding with movie audiences?MSN The Wrap

Article evidence is that comic book superhero films of 2022 were beat at the box office by Avatar: The Way of Water, Top Gun: Maverick and Jurassic World Dominion.

Sales charts on comic book publishing missing in action

Story at Comics Beat

Blame is put on the distribution wars for the lapse in numbers for sales of comic books. Whether from publishers or from Diamond Distributors (which used to own the farm, so to speak, on knowing what sold and what didn't, that is until DC and Marvel bailed on them during the pandemic which brought on the lockdown of their distribution center in Maryland and essetnially froze the comic book business in its tracks) there's no real data being put out now.

The Comic Beat article also quotes Paul Levitz, former head at DC Comics and author of books on comic book history, who attacks those "best selling comic books of all time" lists that are on the internet for getting the numbers wrong and for lack of perspective.

She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany TV Show Invitation to a Bonfire gets cancelled in the midst of filming itDigitalSpy

Related: She-Hulk comics writer Dan Slott defends the She Hulk TV show against fan-critics at Flickering Myth

I have yet to be able to take a superhero comics TV show too seriously as true expressions of the comic book character and stories, so criticism of the shows based on a comparison with the comic book versions doesn't resonate. I can only think of the TV versions as being variations on the original material, not representative. As such, some of it is very entertaining, but more in the way of a parody of the original material.

What is remarkable is that there's so many of these TV shows derived from comic books, and also how some of the critiques of them are so incredibly enthusiastic. These go well beyond an aesthetic rejection, that alone isn't enough to explain how much hatred a television program can gather to itself.

Who will be Superman? Yahoo thinks these are the best choices Yahoo - The comments on the article are sometimes hilarious.

Related: James Gunn wants Elliot Page as Superman?Fortress of Solitude

Whoa, talk about casting out of the box.

Elliot Page is a Canadian actor who was assigned female at birth. He only recently openly came out as a transgender male in 2020, so some people might not recognize the actor that has been in the film industry for years at first glance. The actor is most recognizable in his role as Juno McGuff in the 2007 classic Juno.

21st century puzzles: why was a fake comic book title used in the 1987 Lost Boys movie?CBR MSN News

California Democrat takes oath of office using rare Superman No. 1 comicNY Post

It's a $5 million dollar swearing in.

One of the newest arrivals in Washington will swear to “bear true faith and allegiance” to the US Constitution — on one of the rarest and most valuable comic books in the world.

DC's new Batman universe, minus BatmanComicbook

How Batman had a contingency... against himself.

Comic book's worst trendsCBR

Now here's a subject that could have a pretty subjective mix of complaints, but there's one thing clearly stated that is true:

Comics once boasted a wide range of genres, each of which were successful in their own right. Slice of life, adventure, horror, comedy and superhero comics. Even war stories had active series going, which is where the likes of Sgt. Rock had their origins. In modern comics, there are fewer dedicated genre comics than ever. War comics are basically non-existent. Fantasy has been incredibly diminished over the years and horror has been watered down. Key to a thriving industry is good representation and use of genres, which is currently lacking.

List topic examples:

  • The Comic Industry Has Seen Its Genres Whittled Away
  • Some Comic Books Are Clearly Written To Be TV Shows And Movies
  • Decompression Is Ok, But Comic Readers Still Like Shorter Arcs

The creative works sliding into public domain 2023

Classic songs, stories and Sherlock Holmes go into Public DomainPBS

"Shady legal shenanigans mean it’s a little overdue"UK Guardian

Sherlock Holmes now public domainABC News

Public domain source list: Graphicchatter

Being careful of copyright infringement

The list of celebrity and entertainment biz deaths from 2022Deadline Hollywood

Art Spiegelman and his "500 pound mouse"NY Times

Since then, Spiegelman has been called upon again and again to champion and defend his work. He’s given countless interviews, speeches and webinars, including a Zoom meeting with residents of the Tennessee county where “Maus” was removed after parents objected to scattered instances of profanity and nudity in the text. He has argued repeatedly that the ban is about much more than “Maus,” which details his parents’ experience during the Holocaust, depicting Jews as mice and Nazis as cats. To Spiegelman, the decision to remove “Maus” from schools reflects a more insidious campaign to sanitize disturbing chapters of history, under the guise of “protecting” children.

The best comic book story arcs that haven't made it to film yetYahoo Nerdist

Woke comics are "money losers" NY Post - MSN News

John Stossel and Eric July see economic defeat in Marvel and DC's direction

 “I really understand that [superhero movies] are like a religion for a lot of people,” she says. “They don’t appeal to me in the same way. 

Interview with actors Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson at Hollywood Reporter July 21, 2021

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