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Ghost Rider gets the axe

Ghost Rider Cancelled

Art by Weems, colors by Zombie President

Marvel drops the curtain with issue #7, and also drops some Ghost Rider One Shots - story at MSN News

The DCU HBO Film Library

Well, now I'm starting to understand all those puff pieces around the internet praising the Joel Shumacher Batman films. It looks like a support effort for the HBO/DC deal, which now seems a bit short-lived or at least short-changed. Or as Fark put it: HBOMax's DC film library is, much like the DCU, is a confusing mess

Back in June, Max caused a hubbub among DC fans when it revealed that, just a month into operations, a chunk of the already-sporadic DC movie content on the platform was set to leave, leading to HBO and Warner announcing plans for regular rotations of the DC content available on Max. Just a few weeks later, the studio partially backpedaled... To make things even more confusing, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight will also land on NBC’s rival streaming service, Peacock, this month.

Story at Gizmodo

Wonder Woman 1984 suit designer speaks

The costume design for the WW1984 is dipping into the world of 1980s fashion, and that means (as they say in this article) going "big."

Usually, when you are talking about superhero movies and TV shows, the phrase "power suit" could reasonably be expected to be about the superhero and supervillain costumes -- also colloquially known, especially in the post-The Incredibles world, as super suits. In the case of Wonder Woman 1984, though, "power suit" has a different, and far more conventional, meaning. With any film set in the '80s, hair, makeup, and wardrobe are all going to be playing a big part in making it feel authentic. And all of those departments are going to have to go, for lack of a better word, "big."

Interview at Comicbook

More WW84

The best new comics of August, according to Yahoo News

The Ryan Reynold's "Green Lantern" cut

Doctor Strange title gets axed - story at MSN News

James Gunn directed The Suicide Squad has "zero interference" from the forces of studiodom executives

Descriptions say this Gunn movie is a reboot of the David Ayer's movie? Why don't the powers-that-be just release Ayer's original cut and move on with Suicide Squad II or whatever it needs to be titled... or are they putting out a movie (assuming it comes out, there's a stockpile of unreleased movies because of the pandemic) that is literally meant to replace the Ayer's film in the scheme of a reborn DCU?

Story at Yahoo News

Batman Three Jokers names revealed

Probably not: Larry, Moe, Curly

Revealing at CBR

All wood Iron Man suit - funko at CBR

August 5, 2020

The "new wave" of independent comics

A lot of indie success stories profiled in this article.

Story at Bleeding Cool

Agent of Shield TV show props to go on the block

Ever wanted to get your hands on Mack's shotgun axe, Nick Fury's toolbox cube, Coulson's light-up S.H.I.E.L.D. badge, the Darkhold, or even Daisy's "Quake"costume?

Buy them, story at


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

Scholastic's comic book footprint

Story at Yahoo News

Comixology new titles for August

Rundown of whats new at Gamesradar

Assault claims within the comic book industry

A list of personalities and claims against them - story at MSN News

Comic books at Walmart

The largest store retailer has been experimenting with comic book sales, for example DC's 100-Page Super Spectaculars and also a few independent comic book companies have been showing up in stores either in displays near registers or in the magazine and book departments.

Story at Allegiance Arts Universe at Arkansas Online

More praise and reappraisals of Shumacher's Batman movies

...the films are understandably lambasted by hardcore comic book fans of the Dark Knight, there is also a certain charm to them.

Most of the argument in the piece at CBR fails to hold much water.

Men who become Batmen, poorly

Burglar dons batsuit to rob church, caught by the police at The State

Way in which Venom could be in Spider-Man 3

Ideas expounded at Wegotthiscovered

Dark Horse comics' Alien Xenomorph based on original draft of Alien screenplay

Original alien design included a bowler hat, white spats and an ivory topped walking cane. Just kidding. Story at Games Radar

Batman: The Adventures Continue, a digital-first comics series

A lot of continuity from other sources goes into the series - review at Comic Book

Buildup for a new digital-first DC series based on Injustice

Story at MSN News

Ten famous comic books that failed in sales

Sandman Mystery Theater, Kingdom Come, etc, mentioned: story at CBR

Keanu Reeves is doing a comic book

Its called Brzrkr - story at IB Times

New Asterix the Gaul collections coming to USA

The French pint-sized hero is going to try and conquer America again - story at MSN News

Asterix is one of the best long-running series in comicbookdom but has never made a very big dent in the USA, but is/was popular across Europe (and elsewhere, such as Australia and New Zealand). Like Tintin, Asterix and Obelix are ubiquitous heroes in the international sequential arts, just not in the United States of Marvel/DC.

Marvel will cinematize the transformation story of rage Hulk into smart Hulk

Hulk Head by Hogscald

Art by Hogscald Jones, colors by Zombie President

Or so says wegotthiscovered

Spider-Man fans should not count on Jason Momoa as Kraven

Or so says Cheatsheet

Batman Beyond film could have two Jokers

Live-action version of the future Batman referencing the animated Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker story - article about this at Wegotthiscovered

Spidery Woman Issue 101

Art by Kudzu, colors by Zombie President

Spider-Woman Issue #100 comes in October

Story about this at Bleeding Cool

Sales of digital only publications in general have gone up

Story at NHK

Apparently Zack Snyder won't be using any Whedon footage in his Justice League recut version

Well, this is an example of the French auteur theory in action: "I'd rather set it on fire" he said when asked about reusing any of Whedon's later footage. Whedon was brought in for a $25 million job to cheer up Justice League after Snyder departed the production.

Story at Comicbook Movie

And there is footage of Zack Snyder's "black Superman suit" also at Comicbook Movie

More about Snyder Cut Justice League

Spidey sequel shifted to December 2021 for release

The continuing chaos in Hollywood from the pandemic has made Spider-Man Far from Home II move the release date.

Details at Variety

Batzman Bat Thingies

Art by Kudzu, colors by Zombie President

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