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DC Comics presents the legendary 1990s series, collected for the first time with all accompanying JLA mini-series and one-shots! Experience the complete epic, launched by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter, that changed the DC Universe forever.

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List of the DC Comics Year One story lines

Story at CBR

It's too late to do anything about it now

Robin Suit vandalized in Batman V Superman

Vandalized Robin the Boy Wonder suit in Batman V Superman was actually a Batman suit "re-purposed"

Story at comicbook


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

Sylvester Stallone is going to be in the New Suicide Squad movie

Story at Variety

How many Batmen have appeared in Marvel movies?

Well, probably not Lewis G. Wilson or Robert Lowery. This intriguing question answered at Cheatsheet

Ben Affleck shooting new scenes for Cut Justice League

Story at Comicbook

More about Snyder Cut Justice League

There's only 4 minutes of new footage shot for Snyder's Justice League recut?

That doesn't make a lot of sense, considering the budget for the "recut" is sometimes reported as being $75 million dollars (though it started off being said there was only $25 million to do the recut).

Story at Dark Horizons

The 2015 Fantastic Four reboot is still getting slammed

More slamming by Kate Mara (who played Sue Storm) at Yahoo News

Marvel says "no digital double" for Boseman in Black Panther 2 plans

Story at Movieweb

Amazon Rush Comic Book

DC Comics rumors: more firings

Not mentioned in this article, and there's a lot of different things said in the article, such as DC quitting conventions and heading toward all digital, leaving comic book stores behind. But not mentioned are some people saying (elsewhere on the internet) that Jim Lee may be departing DC.

Story at Bleedingcool

Is Wonder Woman sequel headed for HBO Max?

Theories at Deadline Hollywood

Wonder Woman at Walmart

Promotional Wonder Woman in the stores still waiting for the WW1984 movie to come out.

Ten Marvel comic series that were cancelled before their end stories published

Story at CBR

November 12, 2020

Collectable comic book items intended for retail outlets only on Local Comic Shop Day 2020

Bleeding Cool is not impressed with DC Comics effort:

Some publishers offer exclusive books, others exclusive covers, they are ofter limited, with special surprise items. But DC Comics? They are doing a foil version of the Other History Of The DC Universe #1 but aside from that aren't even trying. Because for Local Comic Shop Day, on the 25th of November DC Comics is offer one copy of a recoloured cover version of their DC Nation Presents: DC Future State preview comic book. That's it. A recoloured cover. Of a preview catalogue. Oh, and it will have the LCSD logo on the cover.

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