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March 16, 2020

Universal Pictures breaks tradition, will stream new theater releases

Invisible Man, Emma and The Hunt effected

Though its probably the last thing theater owners wanted to hear, under the current circumstances with the coronavirus spreading and sending people into self-imposed house arrest, this might be the only way to create earnings for the theatrical films now in release. The question is whether other studios will follow Universal's lead.

Story at Forbes

Doctor Strange chose to defeat Thanos in a particular fashion that guaranteed the decimation of the Avengers?

Theory about Avengers End Game gets explanation at Digital Spy

Batman movie may feature demise of Alfred

That's the speculation around internet.

Also, The Batman movie set has shutdown for coronavirus for at least two weeks.

Story at We Got It Covered

Batzman Petreski

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Comic book stores reacting to coronavirus

"Many stores are on a razor’s edge already. I would expect this will push many stores over the edge. The timing is not good for our industry....."

Story at Newsarama

Captain America artist from WWII has died

Allen Bellman — the last surviving artist who drew the Marvel superhero during World War II — died Monday in Tamara, Fla., at age 95."

Obituary at MSN News

Finding comic shops with curbside service and delivery

Story at Bleeding Cool

Coronavirus impacts box office

Dropping revenues as public places face rapidly shrinking audiences, and the possibility of a full shutdown looms (which has already occurred in many places around the world).

Meanwhile, here's some numbers:

Bloodshot - Probably couldn't pick a worse time to premiere (though next week would probably be far worse). Some good reviews are backing up this release with a worldwide take at approx $25,600,000, so far, but the misfortune of opening on the same weekend as the premier of coronavirus panic isn't in any films favor.

Birds of Prey - this isn't exactly a bomb, but is only crawling forward with an accumulating box office now on the verge of $200 million. Officially at $198,363,557 (boxofficemojo)


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

How many Spider-Man projects can there be at one time? A lot.

  1. Spider-Man 3
  2. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2
  3. Morbius
  4. Madame Web
  5. Spider-Gwen/Spider-Women
  6. Venom 2
  7. Black Cat/Silver Sable
  8. The Roberto Orci not-titled-yet Spider-Man Project
  9. Silk
  10. The Sinister Six
  11. Kraven, Mysterio, Nightwatch, and Jackpot Projects

Story at Gizmodo

Here it comes: coronavirus fear begins a massive reshuffling of the movie release schedule

Fast and Furious #99 rescheduled to another year Collider

James Bond No Time to Die - Movieweb

A Quiet Place 2 - MSN News

"Shutdows and cancellations spread through Hollywood" - Variety

Blockbusters delayed - MSN News

At Variety "Coronavirus Sends Hollywood Into Unprecedented Crisis"

At USA Today "Movie box office receipts were down about 40% last weekend from the same period a year ago"

The Batman movie may be based on the Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale graphic novel The Long Halloween

Claims made at Movieweb

Amazon Rush Comic Book

Sony making new effort to create its own mini-Marvel Universe on film

Marvel Movie Like Venom

Heroes they might put on screens: Spider-Woman, Night Watch, the Sinister Six, and Kraven. More about this at Nerdist - Games Radar - Movie Web

Click-burger: The top ten Batmobiles

Analysis at CBR Com

Batman cast member Peter Sarsgaard talks about coming film

Video at Broadway World

Universal Studios hauling out Dracula for remake

Because Invisible Man has had box office success, the idea of launching their "Dark Universe" is again underway.

Story at Hollywood Reporter

More: "Invisible Man Producer Jason Blum Wants To Remake Another Classic Horror Villain" at Cinemablend

Bloodshot creator profile

Story about longtime comics pro Bob Layton at MSN News

Johnny Depp as Joker?

No, don't do it. All the same, here's the idea explored at comic book

The Batman turns eighty

Profile at NY Times - "The Batman and his many Robins"

French "Spiderman" scales sykscraper

Story at Hindustan Times

Ben Affleck stories galore on internet:

Comic Book - Ben Affleck didn't know Batman was so iconic

People - Ben Affleck borrowed the batsuit for son's birthday party

Newsarama - Ben Affleck enjoyed Batman V Superman more than Justice League

Comic Book - Why Ben Affleck quit Batman

Hollywood Reporter - Justice League was one problem after another

Bat Balloon

Henry Cavill back in the Super-suit for Shazam 2?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (who is cast as Black Adam) wants Cavill and the built-in connectivity Cavill brings to the previous DCU films.

Story at International Business Times

Anti-Covid19 "Bat-Suit"

Coronavirus prevention batsuit - story at International Business Times and at Newsweek

Telecom AT&T owns DC Comics, and may not want DC Comics to continue in comic book publishing business

Article goes back and forth on the reasons AT&T might want to save some money and kill the printing biz part of DC Comics, and then also argues why it is necessary to keep a firm grip on the comic book biz part of DC Comics in order to keep a firm grip on the lucrative licensing and movie biz.

Story at Fool Com

Coronavirus is scaring conventions and film premieres

Emerald City Comicon refunds - Newsarama

Superman Red Son premiere cancelled - Movieweb

Black Widow start date staying steady - Comic Book

DC Comics cancelling Con appearances - Hollywood Reporter

Ultraman comes to Marvel Comics

Story at IGN News

New Batman car is a recognizeable contemporary automobile

The early Batmobiles (in the Batman serials and even the Adam West Batmobile which was based on a concept car the Ford Futura) were all in that vein. Story at Variety

(Speculation: the reason there are "stock" cars used as the Batmobile in the the coming film is because Batman will be going through a lot of them over the course of the story, and building a bunch of custom jet-engine batmobiles isn't efficient if you're going to be going through cars like kleenex. Usually, the Batmobile is a sacred object of idolatry in the Batman universe, somehow surviving unscratched as Bats careens through Gotham night after night. It would be quite a change to have Batmobiles used as disposable machines, like cop cars involved in lots of high-speed chases. Again, this is all just speculation.)

The Comicbookbrain suggestion for the new Batmobile design

Rumors mount about the "Snyder Cut" version of Justice League being released

Speculation include prospects for reshoots (by Zach Snyder) to finish the film a certain way; the finished film might lead the way for the launch of the HBO Max streaming service; and Newsweek specifically says there's a need to shoot new scenes with Martian Manhunter, Superman, Batman and Lois Lane.

Main rumors at Movie Web

Supposedly, Warners has offered $10 million to Snyder to finish up his version at We Got This Covered.

Avengers Endgame cut scene would've had Doc Strange in Iron Man suit

Story at BGR about costume-switching between Tony Stark and Stephen Strange that didn't make it into the finished film.

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey

Now at $188,382,133 worldwide. That shows the film isn't a disastrous bomb, but an underwhelming just might break even project.

Harley Quinn Log

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