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Apologies to DC Comics

Batzman 92 Cover

More Superhero Mockery

DC Comics' Batman #92 outselling everything from DC Comics - story at Bleeding Cool

"Batman #92 had a quarter of a million copies..."

File under things that could be handy

Where did Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson go to law school? How do we know Deadpool and Luke Cage must have bumped into each other? Is Squirrel Girl around the Port Authority?

The Marvel Comics map of New York City - data and info at

New Mutants release date for August

Story at Hollywood Reporter

Directed by Josh Boone in 2017, the film has been held up repeatedly through a number of release dates that once announced were then pushed back until now it is literally years later. Suggestions of reshoots on the film apparently never happened (per the Hollywood Reporter story) and so now New Mutants has an August 28, 2020 release date though it is the same film that could've premiered on its original announced date of April 13, 2018.

Rob Liefeld: "I feel like Deadpool, the movies, they’ve set sail "

Story at Den of Geek

Steve Geppi on why the exclusive DC arrangment is over

Story at CBR

Batman movie writer Akiva Goldsman

May 12, 2020: Goldsman talks about the story that he intended for Batman and Robin (darker) and the psychology that didn't make it into Batman Forever. Interesting interview statements that color those productions a bit differently, as far as what hit the screen wasn't necessarily the writer's plan.

Batman Forever was all about Bruce finding his father’s journal and in it it said, ‘Martha and I want to stay home tonight, but Bruce insists on going to see a movie,’ and you discover it was all [Bruce], he’s been holding on to the guilt all the way through about being responsible for his parents’ deaths. None of that makes the cut because we shot it and we tested it, and the audience was not interested in the psychological component of the drama...

Clooney isn't the only one who makes with apologies when Batman and Robin comes up:’s the irony: There was a reel that was put together halfway through [filming] where it actually looked dark in an interesting way. It just is what it is and I’m sorry. I think we’re all sorry.”

Story at Collider

"A Month's Worth of Bizarre But Awesome Comic Books"

For example: "Did Superman Really Have a Twin Brother Who Was a Hunchback?"

Some odd and goofy looking stufff including Superman, Batman, etc., surveyed at CBR

Swamp Thing TV no longer cancelled

Story at Yahoo

How Spider-Man sticks to walls, explained

...there's enough canon and scientific theory to give his powers some real validity."

Explained at CBR

Batman and Superman teamup on CW in 2021

Or so says Chicago Tribune

Comicon San Diego planning online convention in place of cancelled event

Story at Newsarama

"Why its so easy to have 5 or 6 Batmen"

I didn't read the article, but it claims Val Kilmer reveals the secrets of five or six Batmen at People Magazine

Apologies to DC Comics and Selina Kyle

CATZWOMAN 81st Anniversary

Apologies to J Scott Campbell

More Superhero Mockery

California comic book stores not hurrying to open up

He [of Atomic Basement Comics] has reason to be wary personally, too, because he lives with a 72-year-old uncle — older people are at high risk of serious complications or death from the coronavirus, which spurred the shutdowns in the first place — so Wellman wants to continue limiting his public contact for now, too.

Story at Los Angeles Daily News

DC Comics resuming twice-a-month Batman in June

After a nearly four-month hiatus, DC's flagship title Batman will be resuming its twice-monthly schedule June 9 when #92 hits shelves."

Story at Newsarama

Sales of graphic novels rose nearly 43% through bookstores as Diamond was closed

Story at Publishers Weekly and at Bleeding Cool

Did Jack Kirby ever draw Wolverine for Marvel?

No, but there's a Kirby-ish piece of art of Wolverine at CBR and in the broader world of Comics, consider the panels of the character Mystivac shown in the article about the sound effect "snik" appearing when his twin blades appear from his knuckles, and then recall that Wolverine appears in 1974 in Incredible Hulk #180.

(Mystivac appeared in a 1972 issue of Mister Miracle, written and drawn by Kirby).

DC Comics effort to get comics into stores on Mondays

DC plans to give comic shops 6-day advantage over book stores on graphic novel realeases.

Story at Bleeding Cool

Its official: Diamond Distributors back in action on May 20

News release at Newsarama

Batman movie updates:

Cheatsheet - Zoe Kravitz sticks up for the simple two word title to the coming Batman movie (Not mentioned in the article, how DC/Warners missed their chance to really slim down the title, to just "Bat-Man" - still two words but a shorter title, and competes with the current usage of "Spider-Man" as a a two word hero name, which was an innovation after director Sam Raimi's three films started off the franchise as "Spiderman," later it became "Spider-Man.")

Yahoo - Val Kilmer quit the Batman movie franchise because...

Comic Book - Val Kilmer has a theory on Batman's popularity "He's a costume"

Collider - Who are all the characters stacked into the Matt Reeves' Batman movie?

Napa Valley Register - Zoe Kravitz continues student work in Catwoman school

Online Comic Book Artist class with Daniel Crosier - story at 9 NEWS

This fall is Flash Season 7

Story at Den O' Geek

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