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July 27, 2021

Winston Duke is voicing Bruce Wayne and Jason Isaacs is doing Alfred for Batman podcast showMSN News

Comic book store attrition continues: Hally's closing in ColoradoMSN News

Halley's Comics, 322 Walnut St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Q. Why are Marvel movies making more money than DC movies?

A. "The source material."

I think one of the issues is that Marvel’s had consistent leadership for the last 15 years or more, whereas DC hasn’t. There have been all of these changes in terms of who is running DC. That is fundamentally very hard. It’s hard to make any headway when leadership is changing. One of the other things that’s made Marvel incredibly successful is all of their adaptations are true to the source material. Ant-Man feels like Ant-Man. The Hulk feels like the Hulk. They don’t try to change things up. I would say, try to hew closer to what was the original intent. So, it’s having a consistent universe, having consistent leadership and staying true to the source material."

The big question answered by David Goyer - MSN News

Promo building for THE Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie thinks The Suicide Squad, from the horribly beautiful mind of James Gunn, might be "the greatest comic book film ever made." Described by the Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker as a spiritual sequel to the John Ostrander comic books that inspired The Suicide Squad...

Article at Comicbook

Harley is tired

But also:

"Margot Robbie Says She Needs a 'Break' from Playing Harley Quinn After 3 Movies in 5 Years" ... People online

Two new "mediocre studio releases" provide "blah box office" and Black Widow contracts further by 55%

Here they're talking about G.I. Joe Snake Eyes and Old:'s questionable whether we can blame the delta variant. These two movies, which received lackluster CinemaScores of C+ and B-, are opening roughly right in line with their estimates. If both of these movies were A CinemaScore titles and completely missed their projections, then it would be quite feasible to squarely blame the delta variant.

The article contains a question about why Hasbro and Paramount went in this direction to try an exploit a "spin-off" featuring Snake Eyes when they've not properly paid attention to the main G.I. Joe line for so many years.

Story at MSN Deadline Hollywood

Black Widow(Production cost reportedly $200 million) crosses the $150 million dollar mark for domestic earnings

Domestic money: $154,806,683

International money: $160,100,000

Global total: $314,906,683

Numbers at Box Office Mojo


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

Michael Keaton as Batman in the Batgirl movie?

Isn't this really a TV Movie? Story at Wegotthiscovered

Comic books sales have big future ahead, but they're mostly talking about Manga

Story at SB Wire

Definition: A comic book which is also commonly known as a comic magazine is a form of publication that comprises of the comic's art in the form of a sequential juxtaposed panel which signifies individual scenes... Japan is said to be the largest market for comic books. By 1995, the manga market in Japan was esteemed to be at an approximate value of USD 6 to USD 7 billion having annual sales of 1.9 billion. The greatest comic book publisher in the United States is the manga distributor Viz Media, which is followed by the DC Comics and further by the Marvel Comics. Apart from Japan, the major comic book market is said to be in France, wherein the Franco-Belgian comics and the Japanese manga represents a total of an approximation of 40% of the market, that is further followed by the American comics having an approximate of 10% of the market share.

Louieville Comic Book store article on coming Free Comic Book DayWLKY Kentuckey

Amazon Rush Comic Book

Black Widow's numbers are not good news for theater chains

Or so says Wall Street Journal

July 23, 2021

Thery're talking about making a film version of Batman: Dark VictoryComicbookmovie

And "sneak peek" at The Long Halloween Part 2SYFY and are they going to stay true to the graphic novel? – IGN

Record comic books sales and the expanding Newbury Comic Book chainstamfordadvocate

About the cancelled Superman game Blue Steel MSN News

Batgirl TV Movie to feature Leslie Grace

Story at UPI Press

Manga title One Piece beating Batman in sales?

Story at Comicbook

Kickstarter comic book titles are growing funding numbers to new records

Story at SN Gamesradar

Blade reboot movie trying to pin down a director Yahoo News – looks like they want Bassam Tariq

Batgirl movie casting beginsGamespot

Superman and his Jewishness

Its core thesis — that the world’s first superhero was as Jewish as Tevye — goes beyond shallow notations. Sure, The Big Blue Boy Scout’s creators were named Siegel and Shuster. And you don’t need a degree from Hebrew University to recognize that Jor-El placing his son in a space capsule rhymes with Moses’s trip down the Nile. But Schwartz’s close reading of the material goes much further and exposes a tidal wave of signifiers. Moreover, his writing tightly laces his theories with Jewish history and texts.

Story at Times of Israel

Superhero Mash Up
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