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March 22, 2021

"Muddled" stories and the plague of the 'alternative universe' fix-all

Over-engineering (among other things) crashed the Star Wars franchise, and has constantly plagued the Warner projects, and now instead of a MCU-like cohesion, Warner's has a system of spinning off anything that "doesn't fit" into its own separate universe ("alternative universe" has become an all encompassing fix-all instead of a simple bit of fun with a "what if?" story line).

The plague of the 'alternative universe' fix-all

...the fallout from Joss Whedon’s theatrical dud saw the studio’s subsequent movies put less and less emphasis on the connective tissue, and now the Snyder Cut of Justice League has muddled things even further. Fans accept the HBO Max exclusive as official canon, but Warner Bros. doesn’t, while Joker and The Batman exist in separate realities of their own.

Story at Wegotthiscovered


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

Venom II gets moved to another release date

Story at Yahoo News

See the 2021 Superhero Movie Schedule (adjusted April 4, 2021]

William Shatner

Marvel Comics and William Shatner

Tekworld: "William Shatner’s ‘Pulpy Mashup’ of a Sci-Fi Novel Series Became a Marvel Comic Book Series"

Story at Cheatsheet

Amazon Rush Comic Book

More "comic inspired" NFTs art pieces coming for auction

Jose Delbo recently collecting $1.85 million in Wonder Woman art sales has a made a very big impression in the art (and comics) world - more on Comics NFT sales

Story at Forbes

Want to get a job in comics? Huge demand for grading specialists

Story at Newsarama Games Radar

Prick up your ears

Raymond Pettibon

Art in America Magazine, Raymond Pettibon show review, Jan-Feb 2021 issue

The Batman in Liverpool, England

Story at Liverpool Echo

Naya Rivera as Catwoman for The Long Halloween

She died in July 2020, but had completed her voice work as Catwoman for the animated feature "Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One."

Story at Fox News

DC no-like Snyder-verse

...Wonder Woman 1984, Shazam! and Birds of Prey as the desired tone, but they’re all technically part of the SnyderVerse already.

Story at wegotthiscovered

J. K. Simmons busy with DC and Marvel, and more

Story at Cinemablend

Chevy Chase as Batman? How about Steve Martin?

Stories behind Tim Burton's 1989 Batman at MSN News

Dark Horse Comics June 2021 releases

List at Bleeding Cool

Snyder Cut is credited with increases at HBOMAX

But no numbers to look at - story at Comicbookmovie

About the Snyder Cut of Justice League

Marvel MODOK coming, along with a lot more Marvel stuff

Story at Comicbook

Animal shelter Batman

Chris Van Dorn, 27, is the real-life Batman who has made it his life mission to rescue cats, dogs and other animals from being euthanized. 

Story at Yahoo News

AS DC Comics sheds workers, IDW has been hiringIDW Publishing

Batman and Superman footwear?Yahoo Finance

These shoes are the latest in a superhero line released by Biion Footwear. In December, Biion Footwear unveiled its Wonder Woman shoe to celebrate the release of Warner Bro.'s Wonder Woman 1984.

Who owns Captain America

A legal analysis:

In the MCU, Captain America disappeared at the end of World War II. We don’t have much information regarding whether or how the government used the Captain America name after that disappearance. If the government continued to use the name (a near certainty), then ownership would remain with the government, and Falcon would have no legal basis to prevent the government from using the name in connection with the new Captain America.

Story at Escapist Magazine

Warners plan for same day releases of movies to theater and streaming looks to be limited and going to end

Story at TV

"HBO Max Reportedly Wants To Keep Ben Affleck’s Batman And The SnyderVerse Intact"We Got This Covered

"What To Keep From Zack Snyder's Justice League: A More Humble Batman"Gamespot

Why Warners moves to get rid of the reawakened "Snyderverse" - You Tube Midnights Edge

Looking back at Snyder's DC tenure, it is clear mistakes were made, and not all of them were done by Snyder. Warner were the ones who wanted Superman reimagined as flying Batman in Man of Steel, and they approved of everything that Snyder wanted to do in the execution of the movie they wanted.

When it failed to bring in a billion, Warner were the ones that demanded Snyder scrap his plans for Man of Steel 2, in favor of bringing Batman into the fray in Batman V Superman.
Since Superman was already reimagined as flying Batman, Batman was reimagined as Punisher-Batman, and since Warner were in a rush to catch up with Marvel, they also demanded Snyder introduce Woman-Batman, Water-Batman, Speedy-Batman, and Robo-Batman, rushing to set up Justice League next.
Again, Warner approved of everything Snyder wanted to do, in his execution of the movie they wanted to the point of reportedly giving it a standing ovation at an internal screening for Warner executives.
Warner felt it was a tad long, though, so they cut it down in length, made it incomprehensible in the process.....

More on the Snyder Cut Justice League

Christian Bale or George Clooney back into the batsuit?

"If Michael Keaton is too busy."

Story at UK Express

The Tim Burton Batmobile is "terrifying to drive"

Story at Autoevolution

Scarlett Johansson originally thought The Avengers movie might be "A Disaster"Comicbook

Random House and Marvel strike deal

Diamond Distributors used to have a strangehold on putting comic books into comic book shops around the country. In 2020, after Diamond "froze" its business for months during the pandemic, DC Comics announced they were waving goodbye to Diamond. Now Marvel appears to be doing the same thing (and they aren't the only ones, see Ahoy Comics leaving Diamond story at MSN News and moving to Simon and Schuster - Comics Beat).

From the press release at Marvel Comics announcing their exclusive distributorship deal:

Marvel and Penguin Random House Announce Exclusive Worldwide Multi-Year Agreement to Distribute Marvel Comics and Graphic Novels

Penguin Random House Publisher Services will begin Marvel’s Direct Market distribution this October. New Marvel comics will continue to be available on Wednesdays at comic shops everywhere.

Steve Geppi, head of Diamond Distributors, responds:

"We value our almost 40-year relationship with Marvel and are pleased that we will continue selling Marvel products to the Direct Market and other channels," the statement reads. 

Story at Gamesradar

The changes aren't just from the big two comics publishers, but from across the board:

"Comic Publishers are flocking to Simon & Schuster for Distribution" – Story at Goodereader

More about Diamond Comics and its woes

"You Have To Be As Brave As Batman To Drive A Tim Burton-Era Batmobile"Carscoops

Joe Manganiello talks up the Affleck Batman movie which would've featured Deathstroke

Story at Comicbook

The impact of "black nerds" on pop culture aka superheroes

Story at NY Times

Black Widow movie moves from May to July

Scarlett Johansson Black Widow Delay to July

Story at comicbook

Michael Keaton not 100% sure he is doing Batman for The Flash movie

Story at Yahoo News

New promo from Legendary Comics for Kong vs Godzilla

Story and art at Dread Central

King Kong vs Godzilla is now set for March

The March 24 Marvel release list

Gamestop CCO quitsComicbook

Well, that was fast

BRZRKR Is Going to be a Netflix film – MSN News

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