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December 17, 2022

Henry Cavill moving on with Warhammer propertyYahoo

Spider-Man 2 for PS5 in 2023 Superhero Hype

Why it's a terrific idea to can Henry Cavill and that DC movie universe, says NY PostNY Post

On Wednesday it was revealed that Henry Cavill was fired as Superman, a cape he has donned since 2013. The new heads of DC, James Gunn and Peter Safran, also recently nixed director Patty Jenkins’ plans for “Wonder Woman 3.” Meanwhile, actor Robert Pattinson’s “Batman” films and Todd Phillips’ “Joker” sequel, with Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga, will be allowed to move forward but will not be a part of the DCEU.

Good riddance. DC’s movies are mostly terrible and make a pittance at the box office compared to its rival Marvel Studios, which is owned by Disney. Warner Bros., which kicked off the comic book bloodbath this summer with the dramatic shelving of “Batgirl,” has finally figured this out.
It’s a major shakeup that’s been a long time coming.

Rick Leonardi says that India needs a comic book industry "uninterested in whatever is happening in America"

Story at MSN India Express

The artist says his job is to stand between the writer and the reader to make stories come alive.

He drew a parallel with Stan Lee's Spider-Man (Marvel) and its famous adage, "With great power comes great responsibility". "It is the opposite [of DC], where with accepting great responsibility, great powers will come your way."
He said that the readership gets divided between these two themes of Marvel and DC, often touted as 'rivals'.

DC says Christopher Reeves Superman and Michael Keaton Batman are on same earthCinemablend MSN

Well, its official: James Gunn writing a Superman movie and Henry Cavill is "out of the DCU"NBC New York

Pattinson's Batman to join the main DCU? NopeMSN Cinemablend

...a source that spoke to Variety said that James Gunn and Peter Safran were “exploring the possibility” of bringing Pattinson’s Batman into the wider DC universe, but Gunn quickly declared this to be untrue."

Greg Capullo headed back to MarvelGamesradar

Hero Academia going to NetflixMSN Giant Freakin Robot via

Netflix is showing off its superpowers with a new live-action feature film version of the hit anime series My Hero Academia.

Across the Spiderverse preview trailer

The next Spider-Man movie is coming to theaters June 2023

Marvel's blueprint could keep them busy for another hundred years of moviesPolygon

The next decade of the MCU is somewhat easy to predict; Marvel Studios has already scheduled most of the next four years’ worth of tentpoles, and hinted at what lies beyond. The recently released Wakanda Forever concluded what producer Kevin Feige calls “Phase Four” of the MCU, the introductory act of the “Multiverse Saga” that will run through 2026. Feige has suggested that the mercurial time-traveler Kang (played by Jonathan Majors, and first seen in the Loki TV show) is going to be a major presence in that sequence—the next Avengers movie, planned for May 2025, is subtitled The Kang Dynasty.

The other Michael Keaton Batman movie that got scrapped: Batman BeyondNY Post

The Comic Book industry in IndiaMSN Financial Express

The comic book industry was valued at $14.69 billion in 2021 by Fortune Business, and was projected to reach $21.37 billion by 2029. Moreover, the popular Japanese art style, manga, which churns out comics to be consumed worldwide, has an industry that keeps on growing—it reached $24.8 billion globally in 2021, and is projected to grow at a 9.7% CAGR.

Ten most valuable Batman Comic BooksMSN Screenrant

James Gunn and Wonder Woman III controversyYahoo News

...we are not going to make every single person happy every step of the way."

James Cameron says his Avatar: The Way of Water special effects are way better "not even close" compared to MarvelMSN Deadline

...superhero films have been driving the sheer volume of the industry, and the rising tide of technique raises everybody together. It gives you higher quality artists. You’ve got more tools and plug-ins and code. You’ve got more talented people writing code, and simulations, and all that sort of thing ... it improves everything together."

Wonder Woman III gets cut from production

Story at Deadline Hollywood

In the first big bold move by the new heads of DC, James Gunn and Peter Safran, Deadline has confirmed that they’ve put the kibosh on Patty Jenkins’ treatment for Wonder Woman 3. The filmmaker was expected to hand in a screenplay, we understand, and instead the new bosses got pieces of paper that just weren’t suitable.

Goldin Collectibles buys comic book marketplace and appraisal service Sell My Comic Bookscomicbook

The Goldin Collectibles Web Site

Vicki Vale turns 69, I mean Kim Basingerimdb via

"James Gunn Vows to Change One of DC's Weirdest Traditions"

Story at comicbook

"As co-Chairman and CEO of DC Studios, I vow to the public at large and you the fans, that I will break off the shackles of our limited imaginations, and will abide by no gorilla limits whatsoever!" Gunn tweeted, before replying with images of some of DC's existing gorillas — Monsieur Mallah, Gorilla Grodd, Ultra-Humanite, and Congo Bill.

Highlights of this weeks comic releases

Story at Smashpages [Greek]

Books from

  • Marvel and IDW (i.e., Penguin Random House)
  • DC Comics and Scout (i.e., Lunar Distribution)
  • Image and Dark Horse, etc (Diamond’s PreviewsWorld)
  • comiXology/Kindle new releases (digital comics)

"I sell comic books for £4,000 each" UK Sun

The shop owner admits that he has given up collecting since opening his business, but confessed to still having a soft spot for one very special character. He said: "I love old Spider-Man comics, I collected them from 5 years old and hold great memories for me."

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