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January 24, 2021

Demon Slayer massive sales and the anime movie Mugen Train

Story at Comic Book and at MSN News

Set in the Taisho era (1912-1926), the movie portrays a young protagonist fighting demons who have killed his family and have turned his younger sister into a demon herself.

The story was originally a serial in the weekly manga magazine Shukan Shonen Jump. The broadcast of its anime version on television and online streaming expanded its fan base.

The film could reach America in February according to Comicbook

Why all the hullabullo over Demon Slayer? Because:

Dec 1, 2020: Highest selling comic of 2020 is manga title Demon Slayer

Sales of 82,345,447

Story at Comicbook

Other big sellers are:

Kingdom 8,251,058
One Piece 7,709,667
Haikyuu 7,212,099
Jujutsu Kaisen 6,702,736

For a comparison, see this list of the best selling comic books of the 21st century here at Comichron - number one is Star Wars #1 from 2010, the reboot of the series by Marvel. It has sales of 1.073 million.


Batman Shirt Modern Logo – Amazon

Mint copy of Batman #1 goes for $2,220,000 million

Collectors/investors are not just chasing Tintin. The copy of number one was graded a 9.4.

Auction page at Heritage Auctions

Story at NY Post

Tintin original art being auctioned

Update: Art sells for 3.2 million - MSN

Comic book lovers and tourists alike can catch a socially distanced glimpse of a Tintin drawing by Herge in Paris before it goes under the hammer Thursday, estimated to sell between 2 and 3 million euros and possibly break the record for the most expensive comic book art in history. The 1936 work in Chinese ink, gouache and watercolor, was destined as a cover for The Blue Lotus, the fifth volume of the Belgian journalist’s adventures.

Story at Saint Louis Post-Dispatch

"After years in a drawer, Tintin painting tipped to fetch over 2 million euros" - Reuters

More on Comic Book Money

Amazon Rush Comic Book
Robin Tintin Snowy Firecracker Batman
This is not the art

Gotham P.D. TV show is changing

Joe Barton (of Girl/Haji) is now in charge of making the TV tie-in to the Robert Pattinson The Batman movie.

Story at Movieweb

Wandavision tie-ins to Doc Strange II and Spider-Man III

MCU marketing in synch at Movieweb

Ray Fisher out of the cast of The Flash - story at comicbookmovie

He also mentions that this is "the end of my time as Cyborg," so chances are he's now done with the role. This isn't surprising, and it was hard to imagine a scenario where Fisher would continue to play the character after saying he is no longer willing to work on any project Hamada is involved with.

Meanwhile, Fisher is in the coming Snyder Cut Justice League - release date speculations at Cinemablend

Chris Pratt as young Indiana Jones? - story at wegotthiscovered

Graphic Novel sales up 29% in 2020

Details at Bleeding Cool

Danny DeVito + Ben Affleck + Michael Keaton?

More The Flash movie speculation at Cinema Blend

More Michael Keaton

Controversial Spider-Man name change

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Miles Morales since he became Spider-Man, and a not-insignificant amount of that controversy surrounds his father and his name, Jefferson Davis.

Story at CBR

Marvel presents the new Spider-Man suit for 2021



See also the Theatre of Superhero Mockery

Article and image of the new suit at Comicbook

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