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Joker officially joins the Billion Dollar Club

Funny Clown Joker making money

Earnings as of January 26, 2020: $1,070,401,461 Worldwide

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Behind the scenes at the Joker production

May 2020

Story at ComicBookMovie about director Todd Phillips on shooting scenes with Joaquin Phoenix

This is not the plot to a 1954 issue of Detective Comics

Joker gets 11 Oscar Nominations

Joker gets 11 Oscar Nominations

This will certainly boost sales of the just released Blu Ray and DVD

Story at USA Today

These are the categories Joker is competing for an award:

Best Picture
Leading Actor
Costume Design
Sound Mixing
Sound Editing
Original Score
Film Editing
Makeup and Hairstyling
Adapted Screenplay

Warner's now has a Oscar compaign to get Joker some of those golden statues

Nov 18, 2019: Story at Cheatsheet

Joker film Cinematographer Lawrence Sher wins "Golden Frog" Award

Story at Hollywood Reporter

$1 billion getting closer for Joker

You can fully expect Joker to finally eclipse that $1 billion mark this weekend at the worldwide box office, making it one of 44 movies in the history of cinema to do so.

Story at Forbes

Update Nov 17: So close, now at $996,539,593 worldwide (according to Boxofficemojo)

Joker slows down, at $986,512,810

Can Warners get it over the $1 billion dollar worldwide speed bump? Details on number breakdown at boxofficemojo

Joker at $934,011,992 worldwide - eclipsing Wonder Woman, Justice League, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, etc.

Nov 4, 2019: Director Todd Phillips' brutal story of how Arthur Fleck becomes Joker continues to gain numbers that shows that a DCU film can still bring in the box office when the film is right. Considering the production cost on Joker is reported at $55 million, the closing-in-on-one-billion-dollar earnings report is a huge shot in the arm for the anemic earnings column of the DCU cinematic world.

Also expect a lot of imitation in follow up in superhero films, though Joker was carefully staged as a "one-off" title and maybe something of an experiment by Warners, but the success in filling seats doesn't lie. The general good critical response is icing on the cake for the applause-deprived world of DCU moviedom.

The 2017 Logan from 20th Century Fox was a "gritty" take on one of Marvel's best known heroes, and now Joker has continued in that vein, but has ramped up the attitude of civilizational decay and character misére, combined with an intelligent script.

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Joker #1 Box office

Joker One Billion Dollars

Worldwide earnings at $289,928,787 [Source: boxofficemojo]

The natural result of Joker's success - imitation:

Six DC characters who need a Joker like movie version Cinema Blend

Joker screening violence - in Burbank, Los Angeles - CBS

Media latches onto Joker movie success

Washington Post – "edgy comic book fare big appeal"

Collider – "Joker sets records"

Newsarama – "Joker director thanks fans for success"

And this one is funny, as if they're deliberately prodding the bear with a stick:

"How Martin Scorsese paved the way for Joker" – Hollywood Reporter

For context, see:

Armand White for "Martin Scorsese Dissents from the Comic Book Movie Fanboys" – National Review

Martin Scorsese says "Marvel movies ain't real cinema" at UK Guardian

Joker Joaquin

Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie wins the top prize at the Venice Film Festival

Man, if there wasn't already a land rush to grab superhero movie roles in Hollywood, expect it to turbo once the realization that a 4-color movie can get the primo honors in Europe sinks in. I don't know if this is good news or bad.

Chicago Tribune - "Who’s laughing now?"

New York Daily News - "Phoenix’s menacing portrayal of the consummate evildoer deserved all of the credit."

MSN News - "Joaquin is the fiercest and brightest and most open-minded lion I know."

aaaand, Bruce Pattinson "sparks theory that Joaquin's Joker will crossover into his Batman movie" - Indie Wire - - (UK Guardian talked about this idea a few days ago)

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