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Marvel's plans mean expansion

Marvel is both downsizing and consolidating at the same time

Marvel is working to keep the audience it has built up with the hit movies and the mostly successful productions that have gone onto TV, expecially cable and then streaming, and is maneuvering now to not be so dependent upon the impossible, which is blockbuster, big-earning movies at the box office, a phenomenon that in the past poured billions into Disney's coffers, but a revenue stream that has been wrecked (or perhaps even made extinct) by the pandemic.

This new emphasis seems to be aimed at building up Marvel's offerings on Disney+ as the streaming wars continue to heat up, and Disney (along with every other streaming service) is on the hunt for a long term revenue stream.

What size the budgets are on these Disney+ shows hasn't been examined (or revealed) that I have seen, so far.

One of the peculiar things about streaming is that the numbers are so closely held about money spent, money earned, and the numbers showing actual audience sizes. Disney+ is given away as a bonus on many platforms, and so the real money-paying subscriber list is a different number versus the number of accounts out there with an activated (and not activated) Disney+ account.

With movie theater releases, all the numbers are collected and sliced and diced in public, but so far the streaming giants are getting away with showing numbers that they care to show and hiding the ones they don't, and who is being honest (or not) isn't up for examination.

"It appears, at least for the time being, that Marvel Studios is planning smaller multi-film and series arcs rather than all of the projects leading to a singular Avengers event. Some of these projects, especially on the Disney+ side of things, appear to be serving multiple functions within ongoing narratives"

Article at Hollywood Reporter

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