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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Display Rack Wonder Woman Cookie Collision Dairy Queen

Gal Gadot is everywhere

Promotion for the Wonder Woman 84 star

Wonder WOman the Junior Novel

The WW84 Scholastic junior novel on the shelves at Walmart, October 2020

Gal Gadot Movie Rack Wonder Woman

Two kinds of cookie dough - cookie collision Blizzard ice cream

Wonder Woman - Two kinds of cookie dough - cookie collision Blizzard ice cream

Gal Gadot's success with the first Patty Jenkin's Wonder Woman movie presented a unique opportunity not just for the obvious sequel, but for a major tie-in to the character for licensing. Wonder Woman has always been a strong character in this department, but not on the scale of Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman - - but the release of WW84 had at least the potential for Diana Prince to move into the "bigger leagues."

But the collapse of the movie theater market in 2020 has erased any chance for a coordinated effort to bring the film, the publicity for the film, and the licensing tie-in altogether into a single marketing onslaught. Instead, with the movie bouncing around on unrealized release dates, the tie-ins are working by themselves without backing, like the Dairy Queen "cookie collision" dessert food, illustrated here, from October 2020.

Gal Gadot Cookie Collision

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Gal Gadot is everywhere

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