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From over at the Heidi MacDonald "The Beat":

"...The other notable thing about DC's May output is that there wasn't a lot of it. The number of new comic books released by DC in May was 59, which, along with January 2004, holds the record for the fewest number of books released by the company since Diamond started publishing data on actual sales. "

The roundup overview of DC Comics sales has some creepy number declines, for example:

  • 05/2006: Superman #652 -- 70,458 copies
  • 05/2007: Superman #662 -- 55,236 copies
  • 05/2008: Superman #676 -- 45,644 copies
  • 05/2009: Superman #688 -- 41,642 copies
  • 06/2010: Superman #700 -- 67,571 copies
  • 05/2011: Superman #711 -- 38,471 copies

I was sorry to see this in the lists of sale numbers: Freedom Fighters #9 May 2011 sales: 8,425 copies - to be cancelled. Another victim, the relaunched "The Spirit" goes dead (again) on issue #17.

According to the numbers in the "Beat" article, average DC Comic numbers have almost dived by 50% against sales since 2006. I.e, an average DC book in 2006 sold 44,000 copies: now it averages at 24,000 copies.


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