Nick Cardy

Polished Comic Book artist who spanned the Silver and Bronze age. Born Nicholas Viscardi, Nick Cardy began drawing comic books for the famed Will Eisner/Jerry Iger studio in 1940.

Cardy was born October 20, 1920 - died Nov 3, 2013 in Florida.

Teen Titans 26 Cover art by Nick Cardy

Nick Cardy

Nick Cardy Page

Teen Titans #16, July-Aug 1968, Cardy Dimensional Caper Cover

Love - DC Comic Super Giant 17, Sep-Oct 1970, Nick Cardy Cover

Aquaman #34, Aug 1967, Nick Cardy Cover

Aquaman #46, July-Aug 1969, Nick Cardy Mera Cover

Unexpected #154, January 1974, Cardy Skeleton Cover

Superboy #194, April 1973, Nick Cardy 'Merman' Art

Superman Cover #279 - Batgirl by Nick Cardy 1974

Superman Cover #277 by Nick Cardy, 1974

Flash Cover #216, Nick Cardy 1972

Brave and Bold #91, Page by Nick Cardy, 1970

Action Comics #409, Feb 1972, Nick Cardy Cover

Secret Origins #3, Jul-Aug 1973, Nick Cardy Wonder Woman and Wildcat art

Nick Cardy Mera and Aquaman

Aquaman 46 Nick Cardy Mera Cover

See Aquaman 46 cover enlarged.

Nick Cardy art Wonder Woman 1973

Nick Cardy artwork of Wonder Woman

Nick Cardy art used on the cover of Secret Origins #3, July-August 1973, Nick Cardy's Wonder Woman and Wildcat.

Action Comics 409 - 1972 Nick Cardy art

Nick Cardy SUperman

See cover enlarged.

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