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Fireworks at the Disney World Castle

Daily pyrotechnics at Disneyworld while Mickey and Minnie ascend on risers (notice their small costumed figures in the bottom frame area). The resulting smoke drift (see second photo below) looks like the after-affects of an anti-aircraft gun battling off a bomber run over the Disney property.

The dance and singing program at the foot of the castle is a free program presented each day, and quite a crowd gathers to see not just the pantheon of Disney characters (like Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, various prince and princesses) but the Broadway musical style of music, song and dance. And of course the pyrotechnics. The gaudy presentation is a good start to the day as the first performance (it's amplified, but not too loudly) happens just after the initial batches of visitors begin to arrive from the riverboats and the monorail which ferries everyone from the parking lots and ticketing counters. Being early to the park pays off in beating some of the long lines that quickly build up for the tickets into Disneyworld and for the numerous inside venues (one good side-effect of those long lines is a chance to rest, usually in shade, since much of your travel around the park is on foot, which can be wearing if you're not used to it).

With inspection, the castle in some ways seems unreal, and at other times seems like just another fantastic building (among many fantastic buildings) around Disneyworld. The castle is viewable from many locations in the park, and functions as a good landmark. Even if you get lost, you can get back to the center of the Disneyworld complex by going to the castle, then exiting through "Main Street" which is clearly seen nearby.

Toward dusk the lighting begins to change, and various colored filters alter the appearance of the Disney castle over the length of evening. It is quite dramatic. The night time fireworks show is spectacular.

Gallery: Photos of the Walt Disney World Castle in Florida

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