Paul Pope splash page: The Problem in Knossos

DC Comics April 2005 Cover Date

Pope leads off his eight-page retelling of the story of the Minotaur with an expressionist depiction of the famous maze. The hulking acropolis of Minos palace in the second panel is similar to how Pope draws New York City tenements, and for that matter, how he drew the Gotham City police tower in his "Batman year 100" graphic novel from 2006.

Paul Pope Knossos

Paul Pope

Paul Pope

Battling Boy, 2013, Battling Boy & Dad

Battling Boy, 2013, Car-Eating Monster

One Trick Rip-Off, Image 2013, Paul Pope "Super Trouble"

One Trick Rip-Off, Image 2013, Paul Pope "Yes"

Trouble in Knossos - Splash Page, 2005 Solo Book

Theseus page from "Problem at Knossos"

Review: "The Trouble in Knossos"

Review: Paul Pope Heavy Liquid

THB 6d Back Cover - color

THB 6d Page, 2002, Paul Pope - Page A

THB 6d Page, 2002, Paul Pope - Page B

Paul Pope "Boxer" page from 100%

Batman Year 100 Cover, issue #2


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