Photographs of Dupont Circle in Washington D.C.

Some history about Dupont Circle: The fountain was built between 1920 and 1921, replacing a statue of Samuel Dupont which was relocated to Rockford Park in Wilimington, Delaware.

The fountain which replaced Dupont's statue was designed by Daniel Chester French, and is officially known as the Samuel Francis Du Pont Memorial Fountain.

The inscription upon the fountain reads: "Samuel Francis Dupont - Rear Admiral, United States Navy, 1803-1865. This Memorial Fountain Replaces a Statue Erected by the Congress of the United States in Recognition of His Distinguished Services.

Dupont Circle, intersection of Massachusetts Avenue; Connecticut Avenue, 19th Street NW; New Hampshire and P Street NW.

Dupont Circle Fountain
Photo above and below: Dupont Circle Fountain, viewed by looking North toward Connecticut Avenue.

Dupont Circle Statues and Fountain

Photo below: Looking west toward the CVS store and next to the National Center for High Education. Little further to the right is the perennial Second Story Books used book store.
Dupont Circle area looking toward CVS store
Photo below: Looking south-west at the back of the Suntrust Bank and just beyond it is the building housing the Services Employees International Union building.
Dupont Circle Suntrust Bank Washington DC
Photo below: Passed the fountain, looking northeast up 19th street NW and New Hampshire Avenue.
Dupont Circle Winter

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