In the grocery stores: Archie Digest #265

Archie Comics is able to perform the feat of staying in front of the general public by holding their spot on racks around the cash registers of grocery stores in America. I've written of this before, but there's no way to overstate that actually being accesible to the buying public is the principal way for a comic book to be purchased and read as a comic book. Read more about this here

Archie Digest 265 on the Racks Archie DIgest 265 I will have two

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Pep Comics, May 2011, Dan Parent Cover Betty and Veronica

Afterlife with Archie #2, January 2013, Archie Comics

Pep Comics, May 2011, Jughead and Veronica at odds

Pep Comics, May 2011, Jughead and Veronica battle via hot sauce

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Archie #265 on the racks

Betty and Veronica #203 on the rack

Archie Comics Digest #261

The Sarah Palin and Barack Obama issue of Archie

Art Baltazar artworkfrom the World of Archie Double Digest #5

World of Archie Double Digest #5 cover

Archie Comics and the End of the Comics Code Authority - 2011

Pep Comics #22, Dec 1941, Cover art by Irv Novick

Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

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