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Disney joins Marvel in fight against Kirby estate claims

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Secret History of Wonder Woman Book 2014

Money-saving advice for attending comic-con 2010

Tom Spurgeon's Comicsreporter has a (very) extensive list of tips and pointers for how to save yourself some money while attending the expensive top comics convention of North America:

"I can't tell if we're still in a Great Recession or not, but I do know that in any given year many of us are in an unique economic slow-down of our own making. 2010 feels to me like another year where people are going to want to save some cash in their various goings-on, even in the case of a massive extravagance like going to CCI."

Tite Kubo

Tite Kubo Bleach
Shonen Jump #88 from Viz Media. Artwork and story above by Tite Kubo from his series Bleach. See enlarged page.]

Worst Damn Comic Ever

Savage lays into JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE RISE OF ARSENAL #3 using some humor but in the end is simply disgusted:

"Is this what we’ve come to? This was billed by DC as one of their “big” stories of the year. And we wonder why people aren’t buying comics like they used to?

I really wonder if we had time machines, what might happen if we traveled back to 1979, or 1969 and showed DC people this comic. What might they think about the corruption of our culture, of the degradation that we’ve devolved into?

This comic was gross. Everyone involved in its production, especially the editor, Brian Cunningham, and publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee should be deeply ashamed of what they’ve done here. It actually has me sitting here, stunned, thinking “Wait, why am I in this business again?”

Shame on you, shame on all of you."

The critic is Brian Hibbs. Saw this via Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter

Kid's Comics?

Comics Worth Reading blog has a brief, but interesting overview of the dearth of pamphlet comics for children. The writer (Johanna Draper Carlson) points out that the complaint for a kid-friendly comic is mostly spoken by adults who are only remembering what a 'kids comic' from their youth was like, not exactly thinking in terms of children from the present time frame.

Another topic therein is the poison of continuity in the "DC Comics Universe" and others.

Mike Allred Batman

Batcave pinup page from Solo #7
Batcave pin up page by Mike Allred. Click to enlarge.

More Mike Allred

More Batman '66 Comic Book Series

Jim Aparo Detective Comics Page

Jim Aparo Detective Comics Batman

See the page enlarged.

Dick Briefer Frankenstein Page 1948

Dick Briefer Frankenstein
A Dick Briefer page from Frankenstein #16 from Crestwood Publ. Co. 1948. Click to enlarge.

Alex Toth Yellow Devil White Devil

Alex Toth art from White Devil Yellow Devil
An Alex Toth page from Star Spangled War Stories #164 from DC Comics 1972 cover date. Click to enlarge.


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