Alex Toth Batman - 1974

Alex Toth Batman Splash Page

Alex Toth Batman Page - 1974

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Jughead Jones

Jughead Jones

Elseworlds Big Barda

Big Barda Elseworlds

More Big Barda

Daredevil and Elektra

Daredevil and Elektra

Classic Gwen Stacy Spider-Man

Gwen Stacy Spider-Man

John Romita Spider-Man art from Amazing Spider-Man #72

Batgirl #1 - You rotten monsters


Batgirl on Motorcycle

Batgirl #1, November 2011. Art by Ardian Syaf, inks from Vicente Cifuentes

Batman Confidential - Stephane Roux

Stephane Roux cover - Batman Confidential 22Confidnetial Batman 23

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Random Action Comics Covers

Ferry Action Comics Cover 806

Action Comics #806, Oct 2003, cover art by Pasqual Ferry. See enlarged.

Action Comics 396Action Comics 402

Batgirl - Ed Benes Art


Batgirl Zero - Art by Ed Benes 1Batgirl Zero - Art by Ed Benes 2

Batgirl Zero - Art by Ed Benes 3Batgirl Zero - Art by Ed Benes 4

Batgirl Zero - Art by Ed Benes 5Batgirl Zero - Art by Ed Benes 6

Batgirl Zero Ed Benes Cover Art

Spider-Man Spectacular One Shot

Patrick Scherberger Spider-Man Spectacular

Patrick Scherberger cover art Spider-Man Spectacular One Shot #1

Jonah Hex - End of the Trail

Jonah Hex Darwyn Cooke art

Made Whole

Writers Palmiotti and Gray have brought Jonah Hex full circle. The 34 issue run of All Star Western (cancelled by DC Comics with issue #34 - which itself was a continuation of the 70 issue run of the 2006 Jonah Hex cancelled in 2011) has concluded with a tale that wraps up the Hex saga.

Throughout the long run by Palmiotti and Gray, they incorporated the original version of the character by John Albano, Tony DeZuniga (and Michael Fleischer), and with this final issue they provide a clever way to include the decades-old version of how Jonah Hex ends up: stuffed and mounted like a trophy (and they manage this without actually getting Hex killed). Tallulah Black also figures in the conclusion, making for happy endings all around.

Darwyn Cooke - Final Jonah Hex Issue aDarwyn Cooke - Final Jonah Hex Issue b

Darwyn Cooke - Final Jonah Hex Issue cDarwyn Cooke - Final Jonah Hex Issue d

Darwyn Cooke - Final Jonah Hex Issue eDarwyn Cooke - Final Jonah Hex Issue f

This modern version of Jonah Hex with its happy ending is a contrast to the way Jonah Hex ended up in the more cynical era when Fleisher was writing the book. Perhaps by now Jonah has earned it.

All Star Western 34 Jonah Hex - Darwyn Cooke artwork

Futures End Detective Comics

Detective Comics Futures End Cover Fabok

Wayne Industries better prepare for the patent infringement lawsuit from Oscorp. (See what Bats is riding?)

Spread from Detective Futures End One Shot

Here Comes Big Barda

Jack Kirby art - Mister Miracle #9, August 1972.

Big Barda - 1 -original Jack Kirby

Big Barda - 2 -original Jack Kirby

Big Barda - 3 -original Jack Kirby

Big Barda - 4 -original Jack Kirby

Big Barda - 5 -original Jack Kirby

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

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