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Amanda Conner Harley Quinn #11 cover

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Grant Morrison's Bulleteer

I did SOmething Wrong Bulleteer

Grant Morrison authored a 4-issue update of the classic 1940 Fawcett characters Bulletman and Bulletgirl in 2005-2006 as part of the Seven Soldiers of Victory inter-locking multi-series. Read More about Morrison's Bulleteer

Call 911

Carrie Kelley, female Robin, to appear in Batman V Superman

Robin Carrie Kelley - From Dark Knight Returns Batman

Big stink on the internet today reporting that an extra working on Zach Snyder's Batman V Superman has spilled the news that Jena Malone (of The Hunger Games Catching Fire) is (already signed?) to play Carrie Kelley, the female Robin who appeared in Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns of 1986.

Carrie Kelley Meets Batman

Mark Bagley Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man art Mark Bagley

Ultimate Spider-Man #2 Learning Curve 2004, Marvel Comics

Nick Cardy Cover - 1975

Nick Cardy the Witching Hour #38 - 1974

The Witching Hour #38, January 1974

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Guardians of the Galaxy at $732 million worldwide

Guardians of the Galaxy Big Money

Guardians of the Galaxy has now eclipsed Captain America The Winter Soldier as the biggest earning film of 2014 in North America. On the other hand, Guardians is only ranked #4 in international box office so far this year. The world-wide big earners for 2014 are:

    1. Transformers Age of Extinction - $1.087 billion
    2. Maleficent - $753 million
    3. X-Men Days of Future Past - $746 million
    4. Guardians of the Galaxy - $732 million
    5. Captain America the Winter Soldier - $714 million
    6. Amazing Spider-Man 2 - $709 million
    7. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - $700.5 million
    8. How to Train Your Dragon 2 - $614 million
    9. Godzilla - $525 million
    10. Rio 2 - 496 million

Guardians of the Galaxy earnings are: Domestic market $327,871,720. Foreign earnings $404,800,000. Total Worldwide $732,671,720 (Source: Box Office Mojo)

Batman - Aurora Comic Scenes #187

Aurora Comic Scenes 1974 - Dick Giordano Batman Art Giardano Batman Batman Model Art

Even Superman had Foster Parents

Superman Foster Parents

Richmond, Virginia

Why didn't Edge of Tomorrow / Live Die Repeat do better?

Edge of Tomorrow Live Die Repeat 6

Post Mortem Oct 2014: For a film with a major American star (Cruise), expensive CGI ($178 million production budget) and plenty of positive reviews to then only barely scootch past the $100 million mark in North America box office*, the obvious question is : why?

Picking out the faults of a movie can be easy ("It's boring!) but Edge of Tomorrow (aka Live Die Repeat) isn't boring, it has plenty of ardent fans (me, for example) and good word of mouth from everyone I know who has seen it.

That prompts the idea that maybe the good word of mouth was the only thing that helped the film creep past $100 million? Was the advertising campaign that off-putting to everyone else? Was the title just too murky (why else change it to Live Die Repeat?)

Edge of Tomorrow Live Die Repeat 9

Edge of Tomorrow's faults:

Some of the negative points (for a more positive attitude, go to the film page):

  1. The predictable alien-invasion news montage at the beginning. The story information was unnecessary to anyone who has already seen any of the other alien-invasion movies of the last 20 years. The obvious audience for this film (sci-fi action fans) just don't need such a bland explanation for what's happening.
  2. Emily Blunt doesn't have much space in this film. She's the co-star, but everything we learn about why she is so hard-faced and unlikable is passed to us basically through the film's star (Tom Cruise) trying to get on her 'good side' as they repeatedly try to solve the main rubric of the alien attack (which is how to beat an unbeatable force). The parts of the film in which her character is interesting (a lethal expert at dispatching alien soldiers) are too few and the parts in which she is supposed to be "explained" (she has outlived her loved ones) is somehow... well, predictable. Tight-lipped, repressed pain isn't engaging over the length of two hours, even Batman in Nolan's Dark Knight movies was able to take a break and crack jokes as Bruce Wayne. (Tom Cruise gets to smile often enough into the camera in EoT, why not Blunt?)
  3. The battle suits are clunky and the soldiers sometimes look like frogs trying to walk in pants. Probably the way the battle-suits are presented on screen is completely realistic, but somehow the gracelessness of it was distracting.
  4. The color-tone of the film seems to be predominately olive-green drab. This isn't surprising since EoT is deliberately mimicking, on some level, a dozen different WW II films from the past. But even the scenes on the aircraft carrier are olive-green (instead of Navy blue and white). There may be a psychological purpose for the claustrophobia of the color design in Edge of Tomorrow, to perhaps heighten the sense of being trapped. But it also heightens the sense of CGI-sameness in the world the characters live and fight in.

Edge of Tomorrow Live Die Repeat 5

These points aside, the movie is well-done, and Cruise carries it forward as the panic-stricken coward who has to live out the old maxim "a coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave man only one," which is the plot in a nutshell. Just as Cruises' character must find a way to unlock the combination of actions that might beat the unbeatable aliens, there's also his task (rather lightly touched upon as the film progresses) of what combination of actions and words will unlock the closed-faced character played by Emily Blunt.

* Edge of Tomorrow had a respectable $369 million in International and and Domestic total earnings, placing it #14 in top earning films of the 2014 year, thus far.

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